Aircraft Maintenance Consulting Corporation

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Quality Control

Our products are put through an intense inspection process to ensure our customers receive only the finest parts that we can possibly provide. Strict quality control standards and practices are utilized to comply with national quality standards.

All our products comply with the latest aerospace industry standards, accompanied by either an FAA Form 8130-3 and/or EASA Form 1 release certification.

Self Quality Audit

  • We provide copies of all current approvals related to the manufacture and/or distribution of the parts
  • We supply Approvals from FAA, JAA, CAA, ISO, CAAC, DCA and manufacturer’s distributor
  • We have a Quality System described in our Quality Assurance Manual
  • We have a documented system for control of suppliers
  • We have a system to control unacceptable material
  • We have an internal audit program
  • We have adequate space and appropriate shelves in office and warehouse
  • We supply test reports for raw materials
  • We supply Certificates of Conformity
  • All items are traceable to distributors / suppliers / OEM / 145 facilities / 129 Operators / 121 Operators
  • Our traced documents are kept for 10 years
  • The shelf life of consumables and rotables is monitored physically and electronically
  • Customers are notified of recall items via fax, email and telephone